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Directory Provides Links to Needed Public Safety Broadband Information

A nationwide public safety broadband network is moving closer to reality with the passage of legislation giving public safety both the spectrum and funding needed to build the network.

What does it mean for your agency?  Who will manage the new network and what type of local control and priority service will your agency have?  How does the broadband network affect voice over Land Mobile Radio?  What are the requirements for the network?  What kinds of standards are being developed?  How will the federal government interact with state and local organizations?  What is the history of the effort to create a broadband network for public safety?  Now available:  The Public Safety Broadband Directory has links to a wide range of current information on the nationwide efforts to bring broadband to public safety, including:
  • Advocacy
  • Governance
  • Background Info & News
  • Policy
  • Requirements
  • Standards Organizations
  • Testbeds
  • Training
  • And, by the organizations integrally involved in the nationwide public safety broadband network:
  • Standards Organizations
  • Federal Government
  • Public Safety Associations & Organizations
  • State/Local/Regional Government
  • We are seeking your input to make this directory as useful as possible.  Please send any recommended submissions, changes, and/or additions to

    700 MHz Broadband
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