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Commerce Announces Five New FirstNet Board Members
September 04, 2014
NPSTC's Radio PCR WG Releases Version 3 of Pam Tool
August 28, 2014
Draft Order Would Eliminate 700 MHz Narrowbanding Deadline
August 19, 2014
DHS OEC Publishes 'List of Federal Financial Assistance Programs Funding Emergency Communications'
August 14, 2014
Sprint: 800 MHz Rebanding in 'Final Stages'
August 08, 2014
FCC Approves Rules Requiring All Carriers, Interconnected Messaging Providers to Enable Text-to-911 Service
August 08, 2014
2014 National Preparedness Report (NPR) Released Today
August 07, 2014
NPSTC Seeks Volunteers for Four New Groups!
NFPA Developing Standard to Improve Radio Safety of Firefighters in Hazardous Locations
July 23, 2014
Why Can't Public Safety Just Use Cell Phones?
April 15, 2013
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