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FYSA: SAFECOM Releases Cyber Risks to LMR - First Edition
We are pleased to announce that Cyber Risks to Land Mobile Radio – First Edition has been published on the SAFECOM Technology Resources webpage under "Land Mobile Radio and Broadband" and "Communications and Cyber Resiliency."
This document intends to assist public safety managers and officials in familiarizing themselves with land mobile radio (LMR) systems, cyber risks to these systems, as well as best practices and recommendations to mitigate cyber threats to emergency communications.  Additional LMR and cybersecurity resources are included in Appendix A.  A checklist of all recommended cyber risks mitigation steps can be found in Appendix B.  Public safety managers and officials are encouraged to use this document to initiate vulnerability discussions between system owners and designers.
This document would not have been possible without your help, and we sincerely thank you.  We are grateful for your contributions and look forward to continuing working with you on future products.
We encourage you to share the publication blog post with your colleagues and others who might be interested in this document.